What’s your website good for?

Great stuff from Dirk Singer.

Here’s a presentation from a while back now that looks over some of the recent crop of social engagement sites. It looks at the increasing trend for websites to be socially based. This was particularly interesting coming from Dirk as Cow have made the transition from a site which was originally based on Flash to one based on WordPress.

I was a fan of their previous site because it stood out from the rest of the pack but I can entirely understand why they made the change as sites based on Flash invariably are much more of a static, portfolio type showpiece and can sometimes be a case of form over functionality. WordPress is easy to keep current and up to date, loading times are cut to a minimum and SEO’ing is much more useful. Flash is static and needs specialised expertise to keep it up to date, which invariably takes a bit of a back seat to the day to day work.

What’s your website good for? Feast the eyes and the mind.

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Making the move to WordPress..

It’s coming up to 2 in the morning so just a quick one from me, sleep is something I’m rarely getting much of at the moment! A big hello to all my new readers, I plan on building up some steam in frequency of blog postings.. It’s been all too infrequent so far.

I’ve spent the last few days making the migration over from the mobile Vox platform to WordPress. Now, here we are with a completely fresh design and it’s added that lick of paint that I believe was needed. As much as I liked mobile blogging with Vox it just wasn’t all that user friendly and easy to manage.

What do you think to the new look?