‘No Tricks, Just Treats’ from Poke for Orange broadband #orangetreats

I’ve been working on a pretty fun project for Poke with Orange broadband and we’ve created the ‘No Tricks, Just Treats’ campaign — http://tricksvstreats.orange.co.uk to provide as transparent pricing as possible and showcase the great rewards you get as an Orange home broadband customer.

What are these tricks you talk about? Well, things like extra usage charges for exceeding download limits, high connection fees or sneaky headline offers. You’re given one monthly price, for Orange home broadband. That’s it.

So what treats do you get? I’m glad you asked.

Instead of any nasty tricks, you get no connection fees, 2-for-1 cinema tickets with Orange Wednesdays, and a £20 HMV voucher for new customers on signing up. There’s great news too if you’re already an Orange mobile customer, receiving a further £5 off your monthly bill. It’s quite simply, ‘No Tricks, Just Treats’.

Orange are going around delivering physical treats to customers which you can check out here http://tricksvstreats.orange.co.uk but we’ve also got a few extra special treats to come too. Keep your eyes peeled for those, we could be knocking at your door very soon!

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