The Independent: Best of The Web 2212

I wondered why things had been going mental recently with this post and today was no exception thanks to it being featured in the UK newspaper, The Independent. I think something just resonates with people in it, factual and mostly well designed. Its featured in their ‘Best of the Web: Daily Digest’ which is great. The piece is nicely nestled in between Flickr and Boing Boing. I can’t complain. Its certainly one of my most highly trafficked posts in such a short space of time with over 60,000 views, 280+ retweets and 260+ likes in 2 weeks.
Thanks go to Louis (@howmanygills) for finding it initially, Wadds (@wadds) for the heads up, Jon Silk (@prgeek) for the pics and of course Kiss Metrics who created the work of art themselves. I’m merely the messenger. Don’t shoot me.

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