One Reply to “TED Talk: The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone”

  1. yes, I think this is the way it is going although I think the most needed shape change would be size….in the form of projection ….inflation:.? so a small device can also be a large device…or perhaps that is better treated by having relationships with other devices?

    Also I think the audio aspect is key…..phones will undoubtedly be equiped with more advanced voice recognition, AI and I see very soon that we will have conversations with our phone.
    phones will talk to other phones.

    Imagin sitting at dinner with your girl friend. You freindly helper will never let your mind go blank of things to say. After detecting an ‘akward silence’ it could play a song, announce a news report, ask if you want to play a game….or say something that you couldn’t present yourself (like your robotic wingman:)

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