Keeping Shop: A look at Apple’s In-Store Retail

From iPods to iPhones to iPads and more, the Apple empire has surged into a solid and undeniable place of power over the past decade.

The following infographic examines a single, crucial element in Apple’s enormous success; namely, their physical retail locations. If you’re like a billion other people in the world, you’ve probably been into one of Apple’s stores in the past year.

With close to 400 stores all over the world, Apple’s retail space is the most profitable per square foot compared to any other company.

Apple’s in-store sales don’t just top others, they trounce the competition by a landslide. Nobody does it quite like Apple.

The Battle For Bandwidth

68% of institutions allow students unlimited internet connectivity.

77% of institutions report increased bandwidth usage as significant issue for their network.

41% of students have 3 or more devices connected to the internet at any given time.

The three largest bandwidth consumers are tablets, smartphones, and digital media devices.

50% of IT departments claim they do not recover costs of bandwidth supplied to students.