So you think you’re an iPhone fanboy?

How about a set of 16 coasters lovingly crafted in to iPhone icons? It’s a reasonably extravagant purchase to spend $60 on iPhone coasters but I tried, they were sold out. Massive iFAIL.


Created by the guys over at Brazil’s Meninos these icon coasters are clearly a must for any self discerning iPhone addict. All your favorite applications are present from Calendar to Safari, from Stocks to YouTube. No there’s no Copy & Paste.. Yet.

Reaching 500 Twitter followers – Does it mean anything?

Update – 25.11 PM – Danny has followed up with his own response here.

I’m possibly a bit biased but when I hit 500 ‘Followers’ (people who have chosen to ‘subscribe’ to my updates on Twitter) I thought that was pretty cool. It begs the question though, what does it all mean, if anything?

It’s not really something that I presume people generally even give a moment’s thought about, but when I was gradually climbing to 500, I thought to myself, this was a milestone figure, something to be proud of, in the geekiest, self congratulatory way, there’s some people out there who value what I’m saying. It didn’t really mean anything but I wanted to say thanks to the person who clicked ‘follow’ and in turn made themselves my 500th follower.

Welcome, @dannywhatmough to the equation who works at Wildfire PR and their blog is here, and who also turns out to be a top bloke. I understand he’s been spreading the Twitter word around the company and getting a whole host of Wildfirers on board the Twitter train, welcome all. Hope you stick around.

At first I thought, I’d ask him what his favourite sweets were and send him a load of them.. Then I put a message out on Twitter, something along the lines of “How should I commemorate my 500th follower?” to which @KerryMG said “Make a cake shaped like the fail whale!”.. Brilliant I thought, that’s more like it. It got my creative juices flowing.. I can do better than a few sweets surely. I thought that the fail whale was a bit out of my creative cake making depths so for the next few days I wondered what on earth I was going to do. I’ve told him I’m going to send him something now! I’d decided it was going to be cake orientated because it has that celebratory vibe about it, a cake means a special occasion, it was perfect.

I fired off an email to Danny being as cryptic as possible yet asking a bit about him, his interests and hobbies, with a view to making a truly personalised cake..

He was a great sport throughout and I soon found out that Mr Whatmough was in to Tech (Apple) Football, Food and Tennis.. It was as if I was looking at myself in the mirror, it was bizarre!

Initially, I had visions of making a cake shaped like the Apple logo/motif type thang, in the colours of Hearts FC and with a mini man playing Tennis.. I was day dreaming about a cake, that didn’t even exist, a true sign of a genuine nutter. As time went by, I realised that it wasn’t really going to happen but soon after I ordered a cake, a cake with a champagne bottle, balloons, party poppers, brilliant I thought. Obviously I wasn’t aware of what it looked like until it arrived with Danny on Monday morning so I was quite excited myself as to how it had turned out.

So what dyu think to the finished product then guys? It wasn’t until Danny, sent me a tweet and uploaded a pic of the cake from his iPhone no less, using Twitterfon to tweet and then Twitpic to upload the pic. Danny I could tell was down with the kids, and I liked that!

PS – Here’s the original Twitpic link

It’s funnily enough proven to be a quite different kind of relationship building exercise. Who’d have thunk it? We’ll meet up for a drink in the coming weeks I’m sure and live happily ever after.

PPS – I wanted it to say @Dannywhatmough, Thanks for being my 500th follower. @LitmanLive – but character restrictions only allowed the above.. so it’s not perfect, but I think it still gets the message across 😉

Can anything be garnered from this whole thing? The world of social media does definitely bring up some utterly fantastic yet hugely bizarre scenarios that you’d never experience otherwise.

In a weird way, I think it’s great that our paths collided and I wanted to reach out and make something happen. I’m not sure I believe in fate and destiny and all that kinda stuff but then there are the odd occasions that you think, wow, right place, right time, it’s great to be alive. There wasn’t any gain from me, it was one of those genuine feelings of, I want to do something different, to reinforce the value that all these people have put in me for following me when there’s an unbelievable amount of people to follow on Twitter.

It was my way of giving something back, saying thanks.

The ongoing travels of ‘Three for Three!’

Originally started by the undisputed Rock Star of PR and all round top bloke Jed Hallam this has certainly been doing the rounds recently, kudos Jed for making chain mail cool again!

Thanks to Rax for the tag and bringing me in to the ‘Three for Three’ meme fold. Like Gill from Minxology this is the first meme I’ve been tagged in so it’s with trepidation that I unleash my karaoke classics to the masses.. I thought I’d be able to keep them a secret a while longer!

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept it’s basically three lists which feature top three choices for certain categories. In this case cocktails and so forth. You get the idea, fairly straight forward. I can see there being scope for this Jed, to be a long running series, the variations are endless!

Top three non-work sites:

1. Delicious – I’ve recently started being reaallly anal about my bookmarks which is horribly geeky but brings out the neat freak in me, it comes out to play every now and again.
2. NewsNow – Nottingham Forest – Here’s where I get my footy fix of all related Forest news. I know I’m a glutton for punishment and that I don’t really need to check what’s new because they are always losing.. but it’s my home town club and someone’s got to support them!
3. This one was a close tie between Engadget , Mac Rumors and Digital Spy (I shouldn’t freely admit the last one) but Engadget pips them all marginally to the post.. and dya know why? Because there’s an iPhone formatted version of the site which means I can quickly check it on the way to the tube, on the toilet.. need I go on.. (I’ve long given up denying that I’m a geek and positively embrace it.)

Top three karaoke songs:

1. I Am The One And Only – Chesney Hawkes – The man himself came to our End of Year Ball at Uni one year and it was the biggest thing since.. Rik Waller?
2. Living On A Prayer – Bon Jovi – Absolute classic. I defy anyone to disagree with me!
3. I’ll Be Ready – Sunblock – Reminiscing over the good times, the Baywatch times.

Top three weekend cocktails:

1.  Jaeger Bomb – An old favourite from my student days.. fond memories.. horrible hangovers..
2.  Tequila Sunrise – Sweet and fruity enough to forget about the copious amounts of tequila in it..
3.  Amaretto and Coke  – Recently introduced to this and love it, tastes like Cherry Coke when done right.


The lucky three I have chosen to tag in this meme are the following..

Jon at Jonin60seconds
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Dan at DanLeach


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