Who Dominated the Social Conversation About SXSW?


Based on the brands submitted, the top 10 most-mentioned brands were Mashable, Twitter, Google, FourSquare, Facebook, CNN, GroupMe, Tumblr, Microsoft and Instagram. Prominent brand marketers such as Pepsi (No. 12), Samsung (No. 13) and Chevrolet (No. 14) ranked just outside the top 10, while AT&T (No. 11) was cited both for its sponsorship and complaints of iPhone reception among attendees. Unofficial ambush marketers such as Nikon (No. 19) and Friskies (No. 26) also popped up, as did hot startups such as Hashable (No. 17), SquareSpace (No. 20) and Loopt (No. 23).

Mashable scored top honors in total filtered mentions, with 6.1 million compared to No. 2 Twitter’s 4.6 million. The tech blog teamed up with Facebook for “Facebook Live,” an online news series that was updated throughout the conference, and also streamed coverage of the conference on its popular Twitter feed. But GroupMe was the big winner in terms of sentiment, as 59% of its social-media mentions were positive.

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