Brands of 2011: Clingy and emotionally needy


“There’s nothing like air travel to drive home just how broadly social media has per­meated the mar­keting psyche. I drew this on my way to NTC last week in DC. At every turn on the trip, I saw Twitter and Face­book icons: littered throughout the in-flight magazine, plastered on the now-ubiquitous illu­min­ated bill­boards in the ter­minals, on the cash registers at news­stands and restaurants.

I visited a few of those Face­book Pages and Twitter feeds, and most of them actu­ally do have an active pres­ence: tweets, updates and content designed to engage me.

What they lacked, with one or two excep­tions, is people — a name, a photo, a human face to attach to all that Content™ and Engage­ment®. I had no idea who I was dealing with.

Absent a per­sonal iden­tity to relate to, I have to assume that I’m talking to The Brand: a mix of carefully-crafted inform­ality and meticulously-planned spon­taneity. And maybe I’m an outlier, but I don’t want to be friends with a brand.


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