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  1. The difference is Julian you put operatives in danger…. plain and simple… Some things are meant to be kept in the dark for a reason.. Not everyone has the need to know. humanity can be selfish in its want for knowledge.. Sometimes the bigger picture should be examined…

  2. The government shouldn’t have secrets of the type revealed, from the people who pay their salary.

  3. That is the truth though. Dont you remember “we have to pass the bill so you can read what is in it” The only ones whom are idiotic are the people who think the system is working properly.

  4. These secrets wouldn’t need protecting if they were not wrong, dishonest, deceitful, and illegal. Let’s punish the one who exposed the mess instead of the corrupt bastards that made it in the first place.

  5. our info doesn’t give out u.s. secrets.
    but facebook shouldnt be doing that either
    im just saying what he was doing was a lot more damaging
    but stop letting zuck get away with whatever the hell he wants

  6. Since apparently it’s not cited anywhere on here, I’d like to point out that Assange never said that. Bill Hader said that while he was playing the character of Assange on SNL, but I hardly think that counts.
    It is funny though. Assange going through all that trouble and danger to make the world a more just place — vilified. Zuckerberg making homework so much more difficult to get to — Man of the Year.

  7. Zuckerberg commands respect you don’t, you are a very sick individual who is praying on other people to gain money and notoriety and divulging private information that can start wars and cost lives. you must be so proud.

  8. The issue of the confidential information being released is not that the American public and citizens know it, but that it is available to the enemies of those same people who wish to have it available by those means.

  9. I’m not sure if you realize how stupid your comment is. A corporation is no more an individual than the government is. A corp., being a public entity, has no right to privacy beyond proprietary info such as secret ingredients, formulas, designs etc…

  10. Governments do NOT have a freaking right to privacy. That’s insane and idiotic. The public has the right to know the goings on in government.

  11. They might as well be the same. Every individual has a right to privacy,so do the corps…

  12. Ask yourself this, If everyone knew everything you said behind closed door to anyone and everyone else how many friends would you have left?

  13. “…hasn’t put anyone [at risk]… ”

    I’m sure most of you could fill in the blank anyway

  14. ASSANGE HASN’T PUT ANYONE EXCEPT CROOKS, POLITICIAN, STATISTS, AND GENERAL ASSHOLES. Please STOP talking because you are wrong. Get a clue: the enemy (Assange) of my enemy (government) is my friend. If you’re on the government’s side you’re part of the problem here. Get it? Got it? Good.

  15. people put their information all over the place & people work hard to pay the taxes so where are the funds which have gone all of a sudden in a family deal! surely the outcome is no more than national strikes all over the countries and if Assange can bring light on the subject prior to dooms day, than so much the better to do some thing about it while their still seems sanity

  16. the people who fund the government have a fundamental right to know what that government is doing, it is there to serve them. to say that the government has a right to keep secrets is foolish. deceit is used by governments to disconnect itself from the public and operate unchecked. i see it as just one step closer to becoming a tyrannical state. walls should be knocked down and that is what Assange was helping to do

  17. Julian Assange publishes secrets that are stolen or taken by force Mark Zuckerberg created a network allowing people to communicate with others. Granted facebook does spread private info but the difference is people put their info on facebook no one stole it and put it their against their will.

  18. Is it morally right to sell the private information that Facebook collects on you to corporate interests?

  19. My private information isn’t meant to be public information either but it is apparently up for grabs to the highest bidder! I believe that people should have more rights than corporations but that isn’t the case! and how can you not wonder what precisely it is that they are keeping to themselves? they have all the money all the power and every “right” to keep all of it from us as a nation. They have every resource known to man and all the money to utilize it and you don’t ever stop to wonder what it is that they are doing with it? TO KEEP THEMSELVES ON TOP! WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD THAT KIND OF POWER? ARE YOU DAFT? ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY everyone paints a pretty picture of honor and nobility, they say to themselves “I wouldn’t do this or that so why would they” well you don’t have power you are not in their shoes so you do not know what they would or would not do. If you have the nicest house on the block you try not to lose it if you have a ton of money in the bank you do all you can to keep it. That is what we are taught and that is how the world works open your eyes and realize that these “people” wouldn’t think twice about throwing away a large percentage of the lower class to keep themselves on the top. Open your freaking eyes.

  20. What is the difference between a beggar and a thief. A thief steals what is yours, while you give to a beggar. You receive nothing in return for your money in both cases, yet one is morally wrong and one is morally right. The US government didn’t give Julian Assange it’s information. Those documents and cables were stolen. When you post or do anything on Facebook you are giving your information to Mark Zuckerberg. One is morally right and one is morally wrong. If you can’t tell which is which then that is your problem.

  21. Sooo.. Just because the government does something it means they have the right to keep it secret? Then the US shouldn’t have any problems with North Korea and Iran. Not everything should be made public no, but that doesn’t mean the US government can just do what they want and expect to get away with it. There’s an old saying in my country along the lines of “Don’t blame the guy who turned you in to the cops. Blame yourself for providing a reason you need to be turned in”.

  22. There are some things that aren’t meant to be public information (government information), You crossed the line when you put our country at risk. You should stop, and be punished lightly (if any-unless you stole the information) but if you continue and then arrogantly gloat in your endeavors, then you should simply be permanently silenced..

  23. Common sense eluded a LOLCat, made an ass out of him, left the building and is now banging his mom.

    For this dumbass: Just because it’s true doesn’t mean people can like it for being a fucking SNL skit. It’s almost painful how ironic it is that you antagonized him in the first place. It’s people like you, who think they are always right, that makes using the Internet and infuriating activity.

    Stop being a CUNT. Or wait, are you such a huge one now because anyone can be tough on the internet?

  24. Who fucking cares, Hipster. It’s Still a great statement. Get the rib removal so you can blow yourself yet?

  25. The point just soared over Wowamk’s head at ludicrous speed, deep into left field, aaaaaand it’s outta here!

    For the slow people: just because it’s an SNL skit does not mean it’s false, because quite frankly, this is a perfect example of the “funny because it’s true” kind of humor. Which is interesting, because in light of that… it’s scarier than anything.

    Use YOUR head. Or wait, did you forget how because the internet thinks for you?

  26. Entering 1-100 in digit form would be way more than 100 digits, so I guess you aren’t supernatural either 🙂

  27. it is possible to like this because of its meaning or because we might actually KNOW its an SNL skit. Use your head.

  28. Julian Assange did not say this. It’s from a skit on Saturday Night Live.

    Before you bash someone, make sure you check your sources, just because something is written on the internet does not make it true.

  29. See how bad HE is and how good I am? And he get’s the credit? whats wrong with this world? I should be the good guy too~ Look at what I done! See? I am more God that mortal, I’ll decide who get’s what!! MY finger is on the button and the 100 digit code is in my brain!! (it’s actually 1 to a hundred with 2 numbers switched, but it sounds like I’m supernatural)

  30. Julian Assange has done a very brave and noble thing by trying to enlighten the world and uncover corruption around the world.

    However, the very fact that he is the source of this quote (along with a load of other ridiculous pronouncements), makes him a total dick. Its difficult to see what he does as anything other than trying to fulfill his messiah complex.

    The right thing, for the wrong reasons.

  31. he was questioned for “molestation” and don’t you think that just possibly, because he has pissed off the establishment so much, that it could be a complete fabrication meant to ruin his reputation, but meh, meh, meh

  32. he’s not a rat, he’s the opposite of a rat, and some of his information has shown us the truth behind a war that we otherwise would not have known (see: reporters killed)

  33. of course is true … that the comments herein
    are … subsidized? … this is the correct expression?

  34. Guys, can someone please point me what is the connection between what J.A. said above and the rape allegations?
    Keep your eyes on the ball…

  35. Regardless of the suspicious facts in Assange’s case, claiming you’ll use a condom but not doing so (or removing one during sex, or anything of the kind) is not consensual sex. Under Swedish law the term is more like “coercive sex”

    So saying having sex without a condom in Sweden is considered rape is a gross misinterpretation of facts. Don’t stick up for a hero of free speech by spouting nonsense.

  36. He still has a big mouth…who likes the big mouths? Let’s here it for all the rats in the world! I personally gained nothing from any of his information but it sure did piss off a lot of people. Nobody liks a rat…

  37. Accused, by a swedish woman with known connections to the CIA. It reeks of corruption, the U.S have clearly stalled in finding anything to charge Assange with so they can bring him to the U.S and do as they please. Don’t take everything the media tells you as fact.

    But meh, just semantics really.

  38. Um… I didn’t consent to having my information sold to corporations. I would think that would be illegal as well and as for the rape charges, who’s to say that they aren’t trumped up?

  39. to the best of my knowledge mark zuckerberg has never been accused of raping no less than one but no more than two women, but meh, just semantics really.

  40. Ah well, technically most people’s lives are so boring the information they pad out the internet with isn’t worth mining anyway. Yes, I include myself in that one, and some of the more prolific celebrity posters on Twitter! 😀

    “Put your hands up and step away from the computer!”

  41. wrong, please quote for me where Facebook says “they wont distribute our private data”

  42. Rejoin the universe? Is my matter currently not part of the universe? Dumbass

  43. Either you were a Marine in 1967 or you were born in 1967, either way I have to assume that you use Internet Explorer and double click everything. Stop being afraid of the truth and do some research into Zuckerberg. Assange may have practiced some illegal activity, but calling Mark honest just proves your ignorance.

  44. This is simply an ignorant statement. I won’t post my opinions on Wikileaks here, but it is suffice to say that it has been accepted that the lives on many people involved in the Iraqi conflict have been compromised due to the Wikileaks information. Imagine being an Iraqi informant for the U.S. Government and now the people who you have been informing on, know who you and your families are.

  45. “EVERYTHING is illegal if it is going to shed negative light on the government”

    no, that is just it. Governments have broken the law and must be held accountable. Assange publishing information, the legality depends on which information you are talking about. And where he happens to be. In Sweden for example he hasn’t broken any laws with regard to w

    hat has been posted on wikileaks. It would be almost impossible to extradite him from Sweden.

    But Julian Assange should not be above the law either which is why he needs to go to Sweden and stand trial. Unless he thinks he is more important than his cause and he feels that obeying the law is all very well for governments but he is exempt..

    You can’t fight corruption if you yourself are corrupt.

  46. He was given the information. How is that any different than journalists reporting on information they receive? The only difference I see is that wikileaks hands out all the info as opposed to trying to dumb it down for the reader.

  47. Yea? Protect our freedom? What has the war on terror accomplished other than putting us into trillions and trillions of dollars in debt? Killed countless soldiers? Took up space? Tell me?

    Btw, you can live your life happily saying that you don’t work for the government but what happens when your children’s children get screwed out of their freedom because the government is the almighty power and they have a say in every aspect of your children’s life? All because some of us decide to be ignorant and keep quiet to whats going on around us? Good job…

  48. we gave him our information according to the Terms of Use,which always says that they wont distribute our private data… :))) So it’s illegal as well… 😉

  49. he may have taken the information illegally but EVERYTHING is illegal if it is going to shed negative light on the government. and their lives wouldnt be put at risk if they were not doing evil corrupt ILLEGAL things in the first place. you cant protect the people who are doing evil just because they say its illegal to expose them.

  50. I dont understand why people dont understand this. people think a cooperate sell out making billions of dollars off of our private info is better than a man trying to get the people the facts of how shitty and unreliable our world is being ran. most of you people are so blind and happy being told what to do and how to think. Amen real hero.

  51. are you serious? the greater evil is not assange. he may have taken the information illegally but EVERYTHING is illegal if it is going to shed negative light on the government. and their lives wouldnt be put at risk if they were not doing evil corrupt ILLEGAL things in the first place. you cant protect the people who are doing evil just because they say its illegal to expose us. if thats the case lets all give up now, bend over, and let the government rape us in the ass harder than they are doing. grow a pair.

  52. Yes, but we – the owners of our information – gave that information to Zuckerberg, while Assange got the information illegally!

  53. I find incredible irony on the facebook “Like” button appearing directly below the quote

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