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  1. so dont use it? I still think you’re missing the point that Assange, regardless of the fact that he doesn’t make money of it, is still the greater evil in these two cases.

    The fact is you can choose not to surrender your information to Facebook if “the ads make you feel uncomfortable.”
    Victims of Assange had no say in the information released that put many of their (as well as their families) lives at risk.

  2. true, but i dont like the idea of him selling my info to third party trackers so they can get more specific ads targeted towards me. and when i was using chrome every page i went to had the same ads becuase they were all based off of my internet activity and facebook likes.

  3. right, but the people who actually have something to worry about (i.e. people other than college kids who didnt know they could get fired from outback for posting party pictures), know what and what not to post on facebook.
    Whereas Assange never gave them a choice.

  4. yes, but how many people do you think actually know that and realize it? they see facebook as a way to connect with friends, not what zuckerburg is actually doing

  5. People choose to give their information to Zuckerburg
    Assange doesnt.
    Anyone who doesn’t see that defining fact is severely misguided.

  6. Exactly ‘what of it?’, its no big deal so why are they (the governments and politicians) making a big deal of it? Because theyre ego-maniac, powermad and selfish. WikiLeaks is the hero. Assange has contributed to that but the quicker his name dissapears from the news the quicker something else big can be uncovered.

  7. it’s okay guys god isn’t real; when you die the matter that makes up your body will rejoin the universe until its demise

  8. Assange is a real hero. The truth brought forth by Wikileaks is more important than the lies that are hidden. Corporate and military lies need be exposed; its the only way anyone can make a rational decision on their own. The media is full of misinformation and lies, we need more Julian Assanges and more Wikilinks. It’s the real balance that provides proof.

  9. Not everything Julian did was necessary, or good though. Many of those secrets released were potentially harmful, to both individual people and international relations as a whole. So the government says some shit about another government in private. What of it? Everyone does that! Julian should stop acting like a fucking paparazzi/snitch and accept that people badmouth one another. Anyways, its entirely possible to find information condemning Monsanto and Blackwater in legal methods, its just lazy fucks like you need some douchebag to point the information out for you.

  10. Thank you Frank. Even though we disagree, the wit, eloquence and sheer depth of thought in your comment give me a warm glow.

    Now, off to bed young man it is getting VERY late.

  11. you’re ok with zuckerfuck giving away our private information for him to gain BILLIONS of dollars but not ok with assange trying to give out secret information to the public about our leaders and gov’t? info that that should most likely be used to arrest and convict corrupt politicians. you are chicken shit coward. go live under a rock somewhere instead of dumbing down this country and making us look like mindless zombies that will do what ever the government says for a quick buck. DOUCHE.

  12. Either it is a typo or it is on the opposite side of allegedly to allegedidly. And I did say allegedy. Yeah…

    Even though I obviously meant allegedly.. yeah… I will take your advice and remember. Yeah…

  13. Julian is an anti-hero. He’s not a nice guy, and he’s not really a good person, but he is doing a good and important thing. It’s things like Monsanto and Blackwater you stupid, ignorant fucks need to be concerned about. Not Julian.

  14. “have you even read any of the atrocities that the US has committed and that now he is bringing to light? what he’s doing is a bloody good thing. and if he didn’t do is nobody would have ”

    Other people already had. Bradley Manning is in a much worse position than Assange. Why aren’t you shouting about that?

    Read this:

    “While Assange has been holed up at the Norfolk mansion of Vaughan Smith, founder of independent journalism group the Frontline Club, details of Manning’s imprisonment at the Marine detention centre in Quantico, Virginia, make for sobering reading.

    The 23-year-old is confined to his cell for 23 hours a day, is denied bedsheets and is prevented from exercising.

    The young soldier is also forced to stand or sit upright if he attempts to sleep between 5am and 8pm.

    It is not clear when Manning, who was arrested in the first half of 2010, will face trial.

  15. I have been aware of the atrocities you refer to, stories were out there before Assange started to post. But what else do you expect in an illegal war.

    If Assange is worried about trial in the US he should just go to Sweden and face the music on the sex charges, then stay put. Sweden is much more liberal than the US. Way more likely to get justice there than in the US or the UK.

  16. Stolen – Hell No. A private in the US military gave him the material.
    Confidential – Of course. Shooting reuters journalists with armor piercing rounds will always
    remain confidential
    Coward – Debatable. But then 70,000 soldiers in the U.S. army are immigrants hoping to get citizenship. If you want to kill women and children in other countries, at least have the guts to do it yourselves.

  17. Assange is doing nothing that decent journalists haven’t been doing for hundreds of years!

    It is a journalists job to protect their citizens from untrustworthy governments and/or to prevent governments from slipping into dictatorial behaviour by empowering their citizens with relevant information to fight against such activities.

    You are an ignorant fool if you believe otherwise.

  18. have you even read any of the atrocities that the US has committed and that now he is bringing to light? what he’s doing is a bloody good thing. and if he didn’t do is nobody would have so you have no right of accusing him of using it to “shine a light on himself”.

  19. there is a metaphor in there, and it is that people are proffessional cheats that exploit information for purpose to sell

  20. ASSange gives away stolen and confidential material, that could cause death to US Troops, and that is what makes him a villian. Zuckerberg is an honest businessman, whereas ASSange is a weasel faced chicken shit coward

  21. In a perfect world all information would be made available to everyone, but alas we’re not living in a perfect world. The truth of the matter is that some of this information will serve only to get people hurt. I too feel like his intentions are more towards casting himself as a hero than they are to make the world a better place. I’d sure like to know all that the U.S. government hasn’t been telling me, but then again, I’m not someone who would use that information to hurt people…nor would the vast majority of rational thinking adults. As is the case with laws against murder, rape, etc., it’s not the majority that we’re worried about, it’s the fringe psychotics.

  22. We didn’t need military in the Cold War, it was only started as a military arms race to get the larger bomb (It was indeed a pissing contest), and the only reason that the contest was started was that we invented ‘the bomb’ in the first place. Yeah Russia did not have information on the bomb until their spies got hold of it.
    We have never ‘needed’ the bomb, merely wanted to use it as it solves a problem with a larger bang.
    P.S. Japan was already at a massive decline when we hit them with the first bomb.

  23. Yeah… remember that you said allegedly. Actually you said allegedy. What the hell is allegedy?

  24. I’ve just thought of another difference.. Zuckerberg is a recluse who facilitates vast hordes with a means to self publicise..

    Assange is a whining, narcissistic, smug and self righteous self publicist and media hog who uses the secret data of whole nations to shine a spotlight on himself.

  25. Hang on there, one more difference..

    just a small one I know, but Mark didn’t allegedy sexually assault two women in Sweden and then try to hide behind a lot of paranoid nonsense bringing the movement he started into disrepute.

  26. yea, sorry, I was just pointing out the fact that the personal gain is irrelevant when the deed itself is discussed.

  27. I think we’re getting a little off topic. I disagree with you, but at least you seem to be a reasonable fellow.

  28. Actually, yes, I do care.
    It goes to show clearly how distorted the whole concept of “democracy” is in societies and that something should be done about it.
    So what if he makes some money out of it? so what if he makes a lot of it? A chef in a restaurant makes money by feeding people, just like Assange gets money for satisfying the populations thirst for information that shouldn’t have been kept secret in the first place. Or rather, information about stuff that shouldn’t have happened in the first place; something there shouldn’t be information to spread about.

  29. Actually Facebook is beginning to work on getting information on people who aren’t even signed up. It’s in the new ID magazine.

  30. OK, but I am more addressing it from the standpoint that many here hail him as some sort of hero. He’s just some guy that posts whatever “juicy” secrets he can get his hands on for the purposes of getting traffic to his site. Do you really care that, before he came along, you didn’t know that our government was apparently unhappy with Egypt’s government in certain areas? What good does that do?

    Hypothetically, let’s say he releases two key documents, briefs, what have you. One clearly states that the government spent $1 million dollars last year on strip clubs for congressmen, and the other reveals top secret information that leads to the death of thousands of innocent people. Is he still a hero? No, he’s just a capitalist looking to make a buck.

  31. What they wish to achieve on a personal level, or what they actually do achieve on that level, still doesn’t change the very thing they do

  32. Of course the government hides things that probably should be made public in the interest of covering its own a$$, but that doesn’t mean everything should be made public.

    I think it’s safe to assume that you and/or (note the “or”) many who would agree with you disavow NASA’s moon landing.

  33. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s nation, or the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    Yep, that’s what I thought it meant.

  34. Ever heard of the Cold War,WW2,WW1, or the American Revolution? Even though the Cold War wasn’t an actual without our military Russia would’ve walked in and pile-drived us. Look at a history book every once in a while.

  35. TO previous comment;

    There is a clear reason for government secrecy: to protect it from the people to whom it should be accountable. If people knew what atrocities the US government commits in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe, they would have stopped their terror state!

    Besides, I don’t think the message should be lost in the communication; the smear campaign is designed to shift the focus from the message to the messenger.

  36. I don’t think Facebook takes your information illegally. You have to sign up for Facebook. Your choice. Not the same as some treasonous a-hole with a chip on his shoulder stealing information and selling it to Assange. Some of you actually think it’s within reason to expect the government to reveal any and all conversations, dealings, etc. no matter what.

    A better comparison/contrast would be that both Zuckerberg and Assange are out to get rich, but at least Zuckerberg doesn’t hide behind the BS guise of doing it for the greater good.

  37. Who care’s if the corporations and government don’t care about me. Just leave me free to do my own thing and I’m happy. I down’t have to work for the government or depend on it for anything but a strong millitary to protect my freedom. If I don’t like a corporate job I don’t have to work there. I work, support my family, and live my life and I’m happy.

  38. so you think hes not benefiting society by releasing corporate and government secrets? your right he should get a job selling insurance to people like YOU

  39. Everyone go watch the Zeilgiest videos on youtube, like if you agree what they say…WE JUST HAVE TO WAKE PEOPLE AND REALIZE THE GOVERNMENT AND CORP’S DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US!!!

  40. You make no sense. Your saying that freedom of information means a high power (the government), has the right to filter information to the public? The public people should know and should the right to know EVERY single thing that the goverment is trying to hide. I.E. War Crimes, The Federal Reserve being corrupt, etc. Dude, wake up.

  41. Freedom of information, there is no such thing, do you work for the Govt ? We are only told what they want us to know, and yet they are supposed to be our representatives…grow up

  42. You are stupid. Please do some research, or educate yourself to a level where you understand this type of politics before voicing your opinion.

  43. he is releasing it slowly like that for media coverage. if it was all dumped at once the media would only cover it for a few months, like the oil spill. he wants the attention, which is good in my opinion. but he is doing it indiscriminatel, meaning he doesnt care who gets the information so long as it is available to any one without any “discrimination.

  44. You’re demonstrating your ignorance here. If Assange was releasing information “indiscriminately” as you say he is, then we would see ALL of the 251,287 cables released, instead of 2428 (so far).

    I’d suggest you do more research before mouthing off with talking points.

    You’re forgetting that Assange even offered the US government the option of redacting portions of the cables, but they refused.

  45. Assange is harming the freedom of information movement by releasing information indiscriminately. Freedom of information is extremely important, but the information must be very carefully considered before it is released. Transparency in government is not the same thing as handing over whatever information comes your way to the media and then calling yourself a hero.

  46. How about the Kroll report that influenced the 2008 elections in Kenya?
    There are a lot more examples than this, but frankly if you can’t be open minded or bothered enough to look for yourself then I’m not gonna waste any time listing them.

  47. assange should get a job and become productive, along with his cult following of doped up blaming slackers. we know corp’s are evil, yet we all continue to support them. what revelations are there except for a political national enquirer type gossip rag designed solely to create even more strife? anyone can say anything about anyone and pass it off, especially where there is resentment and hatred. this clown is no hero, but a boy in desperate need of attention and loving every moment the nonnews material affords him

  48. That’s where man of the year comes from…? So that’s why there’s a correlation between them. I’m sure if you google it, you would find information on the reasoning behind him being chosen.

  49. Well your reply was kinda dick. But anyways Lesley’s right, Time’s Man of the Year is just the person that made the biggest influence that year, even if, like Hitler, that was a negative influence.

  50. I think this might have been lifted from Bill Hader’s Assange on SNL. “No matter how I die, it was murder”.

  51. Yeah, because I really care what Time Magazine said about politics in 1938. But please, enlighten us, why was Hitler awarded that title by said magazine?

  52. Dude, Assange is the Guy behind Wikileaks, not facebook, and Cogknight is right, the pride of governments and corporations lead them to persecute Assange, despite very little real impact of his actions.

  53. Hitler was also Time’s Man of the Year. You don’t earn that title by being a great guy. Just really interesting.

  54. What private information? Facebook only sells the information you give it, so as long as all you tell it is the normal pointless junk that occurs in your daily life, they’re really just selling the fact that you like candy bars and movies.

  55. Really? What exactly have you done with all of this new found “intelligence” that Assange has opened your eyes to? Oh, nothing you say. Because you are an idiot that only thinks that you want to know the secrets of the world. Believe me, one who works in the IC, there is nothing being withheld from you unless it’s for your own retarded good.

  56. assange is going to be the downfall of the human civilization……….mark my words……its lunatics like him that need to be locked away for life!

  57. Cogknight… Are you Dumb? I think facebook has done a lot of difference, helping you become more dumb after hours and hours of wasted time in front of a computer.. Sorry for my english.. Regreets to all from Venezuela!

  58. It’s disappointing that we have to be told over and over that our governments cater to corporations and that individuals are only worth as much as their information.

  59. That’s more of an issue with us than with him, though. Bits like “US corps selling child sex slaves” or the video of the helicopter gunning down civilians really, really should have motivated people to make said damn bit of difference.

  60. Would anyone care to point out the piece of information that Mr. Assange has leaked that actually made a damn bit of difference anywhere? I’ll be waiting……

  61. The difference is people willingly give their information to Facebook knowing (or at least they should know) what they do with it. Assange is essentially stealing it. Also, demographic information about who likes the new Ke$ha album isn’t exactly on par with diplomatic cables.

  62. This Zuckerberg is not the only one to pass on intelligence; what about the CIA itself? do you
    think they do it for free or for loving the country?
    My arse !!!

  63. Am I the only one to find ironic that 224 persons ”liked” this quote on Facebook ?

  64. This is word for word from a skit from SNL, and Assange never said it. Come on. I know Bill Hader’s a good actor, but come on.

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