Socialize the company, then the customers, says Nokia social media director

“The problem is not engaging with customers via social media, but in bringing the rest of your company along with you,” says Mark Squires, director of social media at Nokia, in a Q&A for Econsultancy. The executive provides insight into how social media operates at Nokia, covering everything from the size of the team to whether the team manages company mentions. When Econsultancy asks about Nokia’s social media metrics, for instance, Squires responds:

We struggled to find anyone who could effectively measure social engagement. Some suggested measuring website traffic, comments, or follower numbers. For us, the only way is to use a tool and measure a hybrid of these metrics, comparing the velocity of change.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what you use to measure, the easiest way is to use multiple tools and have a human being in there making sense of it.”…

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