How many of your Facebook friends actually influence your behaviour?

The success of Internet social networking sites depends on the number and activity levels of their user members. Although users typically have numerous connections to other site members (i.e., “friends”), only a fraction of those so-called friends may actually influence a member’s site usage. Because the influence of potentially hundreds of friends needs to be evaluated for each user, inferring precisely who is influential—and, therefore, of managerial interest for advertising targeting and retention efforts—is difficult. The authors develop an approach to determine which users have significant effects on the activities of others using the longitudinal records of members’ log-in activity. They propose a nonstandard form of Bayesian shrinkage implemented in a Poisson regression. Instead of shrinking across panelists, strength is pooled across variables within the model for each user. The approach identifies the specific users who most influence others’ activity and does so considerably better than simpler alternatives. For the social networking site data, the authors find that, on average, approximately one-fifth of a user’s friends actually influence his or her activity level on the site.

Source: “Determining Influential Users in Internet Social Networks” from Journal of Marketing Research,Vol 47, Issue 4, Aug 2010, 643-658

This makes sense. It goes with the idea that your status updates only go to the 5% of friends you engage with the most on Facebook.

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