Mother London rethink their holiday card..

Merry Christmas to you.

What a lovely idea this and told with an incredibly simple yet brilliant narrative. With a $10K budget for their holiday card, Mother London made the sensible decision to instead of giving out a load of smaller gifts to a lot of people, they would make this holiday truly special for just one person.

The ending is an unexpected one so worth watching for the duration. Another case in point that sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the most powerful.

‘There’s more time than the present’ by @bud_caddell

Here’s a great deck to get those thinking juices flowing, another cracker from @bud_caddell across the pond at Undercurrent. Do people say across the pond any more? Well, I just went there. PS Sharing the love Bud, happy birthday..

A few choice quotes:

“Ultimately, semantics fail us when trying to describe the present moment. When is now? Now? Or now? And while we’re on the topic, Morrissey would like to know, how soon is now?”

“Hope and despair are the emotional manifestations of future consciousness. We feel either one based on the predictions we make from passing events.”

“Attention is our scarcest natural resource. And attention is given based on a perception of time and a consciousness of the future”

Global news made beautiful by Newsmap

I found out about this rather swish site for displaying news called It’s brilliant.

To help you get a better idea of what i’m talking about and in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier.. I’ve just selected UK as the region but encapsulating all topic areas.

Immediately and rather nicely you get a snapshot of what is going on, colour coded by region and interest. Amazing stuff. I can see this becoming quite handy.

Filtered to only include UK technology news this time..

… and here’s another one, just UK sport time.  You get the idea. It’s awesome. Go try it yourself now.